Who Is A MACCS Girl?

“A MACCS girl eats, sleeps, and breathes fashion. She loves following the latest trends. She loves taking risks and pushing the limits. She wears sequins with destroyed denim, chunky knits with chucks, sweatpants with heels, and pretty much anything with a leopard print. A MACCS girl lives for summer and the touch of golden sun on her skin, yet she’s also up for layered knits and a good pumpkin spiced latté in the fall. She has a relaxed chicness to her and can really pull off last nights hair. She spends her mornings curled up with a good book, her afternoons catching taxi’s throughout town, and her evenings sipping (one too many) glasses of pinot noir. A MACCS girl loves to live the good life, and she lives it with people she adores. She’s a lover, a best friend, a sister, and a damn good catch (wink).”


maccs girl